From aged care facilities to iconic school buildings, for over 45 years Gledhill has racked up quite a portfolio of quality commercial builds, covering a multitude of sectors.  With cutting-edge innovation, efficiency and quality workmanship, these landmark projects proudly illustrate our ability to create incredible buildings that withstand the test of time.


Born from our unique strengths in commercial construction, we bring ground-breaking building techniques and thinking to high-end multi-residential dwellings and luxury homes.  This skill application allows us to achieve complex design details and deliver elegant simplicity through the use of building methods historically not seen in the residential sector.


We are a multi-award winning Sydney based construction company.

With over 45 years experience in commercial and residential construction, we take pride in utilising our impressive history to smoothly navigate the building process. 

It’s the experience of understanding every detail before a build commences and our ability to make fast and accurate decisions to adjust along the way.

It’s about not compromising on quality and never being satisfied with mediocre.

It’s a passion to construct innovative, functional and sustainable spaces for people to live, work and come together in.

We craft with care, precision and agility and that’s what sets us apart. 

It’s also the reason our builds stand the test of time; after all, we’ve been delivering just that since 1973.